Offshore Operations

With strategic alliances with major offshore maritime companies, the Global Explorer has been successfully engaged in a wide variety of projects in the Gulf of Mexico in US and Mexican waters as:

-Saturation diving and surface air  diving.

-Subsea construction, inspection and  repairs.

-Dredging, trenching and jetting.

-Platform construction and  maintenance.

-Riser, riser clamp, riser guard and  matt  installation.

-Seismic operations.

-Wreck salvage.

-Remotely operated Vehicle.


Vessel Specifications

Name:                  Global Explorer

IMO:                      7717004

Port of Registry:   Dos Bocas, Mex.

Year Built:             2002 

Classification:       Lloyd´s Register

Type:                      MPSV DP II

Gross / Net ton:   2704 / 811

Clear cargo deck: 500.2 m2

Accomodation:      Total # bunks 101

Main Crane   SWL  65 tons.  

Aux. Crane    SWL  2.5 tons.

Helideck:   12,000 pounds, Day & Night operations. 

Daily Fuel Consumption:

Max. Speed    9  Kts.   3,000 USG p/day

Auto DP                        1,600 USG p/day

Standby :                         450 USG p/day


Office and Accommodation

The ship’s office is designed with a panoramic view of the working deck area.  In addition the office is equipped with a closed circuit TV system in order to monitor the project operations and subsea activities, satellite voice and data services, single short band radio and VHF marine radio.


The Global Explorer will not only meet your expectations, we will exceed them by offering comfortable facilities such as a spacious dining area, meeting rooms, a hospital, change room and cinema room.